Raws 4 Paws

Raw4Paws is a complete raw balanced nutrition for your dog

If your dog is experiencing ANY health conditions, skin conditions or digestive problems and you’re feeding your dog ANY brand of commercial dog food then Raw 4 Paws can help.  Raw 4 Paws is complete nutrition for all stages of life.

Some changes you can expect after switching to a raw natural diet:

Improved Hydration as raw meat, vegetables and fruit contain more water and much less salt than the specially treated dry and other commercial foods

Enhanced immune system reduced allergy disposition, fewer and less severe ear infections as there are no preservatives and additives in Raw 4 Paws nor does it contain wheat, yeast or dairy products that have been linked to allergies.

Less smelly smaller stool volumes and less anal gland problems since there are no fillers and by-products the food is easily digested and better absorbed by the dog’s body. That leads to firm dry stools that help anal glands to be emptied naturally

Shiny coat and healthy skin as a raw diet contains essential fatty acids such as Omega 3 & 6, vitamins and minerals which are necessary to help maintaining great skin and coat condition

Fat Reduction and increased Muscle Tone initially you will probably notice weight loss and your dog becomes more lean.  When the weight starts to come back it will be in muscle form and your dog will look good and feel great.

Less “Doggy Smell leads to less frequent bathing which is also great for your dog’s skin and coat

It’s as easy as stopping dried dog food and starting on Raw4Paws and your dog will just thrive.


Raw 4 Paws...

ü  Complete Balanced Biologically Appropriate Raw Food

ü  5 options : Chicken, Turkey, Lamb, Roo and Beef

ü  Each flavour contains only meat, bones and offal from the one animal  making Raw 4 Paws the ideal choice for dogs with allergies

ü  Contains all Australian quality human grade meat, vegetables, fruit, whole eggs, Cod Liver Oil, Kelp & other essential nutrients

ü  Contains Glucosamine, Chondroitin & MSM

ü  Contains Omega 3 & 6

ü  No Preservatives, No Chemicals, No Grains, No Fillers, No By-Products, No irradiated products

ü  Snap frozen to seal in freshness

ü  Safe Food QLD Accredited

ü  Raw 4 Paws is an Australian made and owned company

5 Flavour Options:  Chicken, Turkey, Lamb, Roo or Beef


Chicken is the perfect "all-rounder" and our most popular flavour. The bones are derived from healthy young birds and are soft and rich in bone marrow and full of essential fatty acids (both polyunsaturated and monounsaturated).

Chicken is the perfect source of calcium for lactating mothers and puppies. Chicken is a white meat, making it a powerful anti-inflammatory so is suitable for dogs suffering from Arthritis, Inflammatory Bowel Disease or inflammation of the skin or joints. Cancer is a form of inflammation, making chicken an excellent choice for dogs with cancerous tumours.


Turkey is an alternative white meat containing all the properties of chicken making it also an excellent allergy free diet.

Raw 4 Paws turkey BARF is therefore the ideal choice where a dog has a particular allergy to chicken. 

We have found that dogs with fussier appetites enjoy the turkey flavour.


Beef is an excellent choice for very active dogs such as racing greyhounds, working or agility dogs and farm dogs that are free of any health complaints. Beef is a high source of iron and excellent for dogs suffering from anemia.

However, Beef is a red meat and red meat promotes inflammation so for dogs experiencing any joint inflammation or degenerative condition (i.e. arthritis or cancer) or any skin inflammatory conditions or itchiness then beef is NOT suitable. We recommend AVOIDING any products containing beef offal, beef bones or any red meat in cases of joint and skin inflammatory conditions or degenerative diseases.


Kangaroo is a wild meat that is organic by nature, and free from contaminants. Roo is the leanest of all the meats containing virtually no fat and is also the highest source of protein and Conjugated Linoleic Acid (naturally occurring anti-cancer fatty acid). Roo is the ideal choice for dogs that are obese or mildly overweight and for dogs suffering from pancreatitis or liver disease because there is minimum fat (2%) to metabolize. 

However, the low fat content makes roo NOT suitable as the sole diet for young dogs or growing puppies, or pregnant or lactating mothers who require a higher fat content in their diet.

 We recommend roo until the desired weight loss is achieved and then a switch to other flavours to ensure overall balanced health and weight maintenance.



Lamb is classed as neither a red nor a white meat. Australian Lamb is pasture raised so not fed on chemicals, grains or antibiotics. Lamb is an excellent choice for underweight dogs. (ie where any ribs are visible) It has been known to be a “life saver” and is useful for all life stages. Lamb is particularly recommended in cases of skin conditions, arthritis and cancer. Lamb meat contains a naturally occurring anti-cancer fatty acid called Conjugated Linoleic Acid.

Lamb is often referred to as the “cooling meat” because of its anti-inflammatory properties. Lamb is NOT recommended in instances of pancreatitis or liver disease nor for dogs who have an allergy to lamb meat, lamb bones, lamb fat or have issues digesting fats.

How much do I feed my dog?

A healthy dog should be fed about 2% -3% of its bodyweight

















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*These are approximate guide only.
*Your dog may need less or more food to maintain proper weight.
*Adjust as needed.  If you are unsure, ask your veterinarian


Raw 4 Paws are available in economically packaged 1kg roll for larger or multiple dogs OR user friendly 2kg patties (8 x 250g) for smaller breeds






1kg roll

$   5.95

Description: http://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/0230/2031/products/IMG_2524_large.jpg?2068

8 x 250g patties

$ 16.95


1kg roll

$   6.95

8 x 250g patties

$ 17.95


1 kg roll

$   6.95

8 x 250g patties

$ 17.95

Description: http://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/0230/2031/products/IMG_2524_large.jpg?2068


1kg roll

$   6.95

8 x 250g patties

$ 18.95


1kg roll

$   6.95

8 x 250g patties

$ 18.95



What people think of Raw 4 Paws

“Having an allergy prone English Staffy I wasn’t finding any food to prevent flare ups on Bruce’s skin.  Raw 4 Paws has done the trick. The salivation starts the minute his little patty is removed from the fridge. He loves it and so does his skin and coat!”
Liz, New Farm

“You can measure a dog’s inner health through their ‘movement’ and Raw 4 Paws is a godsend!  My least favourite daily ritual of ridding the yard of last night’s dinner is a much faster and less gag worthy experience. I can tell Billie’s health is the best it’s ever been.’
Carrie, Bowen Hills


Who to Contact

For questions, to place an order or to arrange delivery of Raw 4 Paws please contact Gary:

Mobile: 0418 734 874