Dog Walking

Dog Walking

We run a dog-walking program where we collect your dog from your home and individually or with others for a walk for the length of time you choose and then return them, happy and tired.

All dogs need exercise from runs to fast walks or a walk and a play in the park; we can design a program to suit you and your dog.

Dog Walking New Farm walking programs are a great way to make sure when you can't be around they still get to exercise and play.

Exercising your dog is essential for it's health and wellbeing; dogs require physical and mental stimulation just as we do.
Not only does exercise provide physical benefits but psychological benefits as well.  Exercise is crucial to maintain healthy behaviour; boredom or lack of physical activity is a common reason behaviour problems develop.

We will come to you and design a program to suit you and your dog.  On the designated days we will come and walk your dog, the session will include a warm up walk and end with a cool down on the way home. On our return we will make sure the water bowl is full and send you a text message when we leave.

A tired dog is a happy dog