"Elmo McLovett has been accompanying Janine and Gary on walks for over 12 months now. To say he looks forward to it is an understatement! From the moment he hears the car arrive he's fired up and ready to go. It is very important for Elmo to be walked regularly as he is a large dog with lots of energy. Knowing that we can call on Janine and Gary when required to keep Elmo happy and exercised allows us to manage our busy work schedules and work travel commitments without added stress.
Their service is friendly, flexible, efficient and professional at all times and has been a big help in allowing us to raise Elmo to be a happy, content and loving companion for our family. Thankyou!

- Maryanne New Farm

"Janine and Gary have been Zelda's (our staffy) companion for 3 days per week since the beginning of the year. We both work long hours and it's great that she gets not only some exercise but gets lots of love and cuddles. Janine and Gary are super reliable and we have no hesitation in recommending their services to anyone.”

- Mike and Brett Newstead

"Janine is just the best person to walk your dog! 
As a busy CEO I just don't get the time to walk my little miniature schnauzer Kenny as much as he deserves. Since Janine has been walking him and taking him to the dog park his weight and overall temperament has improved substantially.  He just loves his walks and runs in the park and he can't wait for her to pick him up.  Janine has also looked after him for me over holiday periods and has made sure he has his medications on time and is very well cared for.  She is also honest and trustworthy and just has a calm, kind and caring way with animals.  I don't know how we managed before we met her."

- Leo, New Farm

"I have been a client of Janine's for over 3 months. My puppy Astro is always so excited when he gets picked up I know he is being looked after. It's not simply the exercise but it's the whole socialisation and care that I know he is getting. We moved from Sydney in August and Astro is now 16 months old, he was used to daycare/walking services in Sydney and I was so glad to find this fantastic service in Brisbane. It made the move and settling in so much easier. Astro has got used to his routine and he is waiting anxiously at the door on the days he knows Janine is coming. A great caring and attentive service!"

- Steve, New Farm

"Life is busy but friends are the most important things we have.  I can't be happy if my best friend isn't!!! But my best friend is always happy because Janine is there for him when I can't be - she walks him everyday and makes sure he is settled at home when I can't be there.  He is never stressed, he feels loved and cared for and I can work happily knowing this!"

- Carol, Teneriffe

"Janine has been walking/running my 2 dogs for the past year and they are so much the better for it.  They are always happy and relaxed after their outing.   Janine takes the time to know your dog as you would and it is obvious she has an absolute passion for the furkids.    Janine is extremely reliable, even when it is raining and I have absolute trust in her to access my home to collect the "boys" if am unable to be here.  I recently had an unscheduled hospital stay and Janine saved the day for me by taking care of the exercise regime for the "boys". The rates for her walking are extremely competitive and value unsurpassed.

I would recommend the Dog Walking New Farm Crew to anyone and am happy to back up this testimonial with personal contact/reference  if required.

Happy Dogs - Happy Life!"

- Barbara B, New Farm

“I had read about Janine’s fabulous services, and also seen her smiling face and trademark pink cap out and about New Farm; but Janine was a true ‘Angel’ to myself, and my very timid male Lagotto dog, Angello, when a family member let us down at the 11th hour as we were about to set off on holidays!  Janine came to the rescue and shuffled and moved her own schedule around to accommodate Angello and to ensure we could go on a relaxing holiday, without stress or worry for our furry family member.  Very few people go out of their way like Janine did.   Our little fellow has a very shy disposition and does not cope with being in a large or mainstream kennel situation, so having the one on one services of Dog Walking New Farm with Angello in our apartment worked perfectly.  Angello was visited at home twice a day for long walks, had his meals and all other details taken care of in his own environment.  Our little guy was very happy when we returned home, and we could see that he had been lovingly looked after under Janine’s care.  We could not ask for a better carer or dogsitter than Janine, and she has a gorgeous personality to provide the loving sensitivity that our pet required."

- Tanya Wilson, New Farm

"My Dog Captain has been utilizing Janine's services for the last 2 months while I have struggled to get him exercised properly due to time constraints relating to running a business, pregnancy and running around after a toddler. Captain loves his walks with Janine.  It seems he knows what days and times she will be coming - waiting at the front door anxious for her to arrive.  Captain is a little bit neurotic and it is wonderful to see him walk down the road with Janine so happy.  I could not be happier with Janine's service."

- Susan Schmidt, New Farm

"We can't thank you enough for your help over the past year with our much loved Lagotto, Luca!
It was increasingly difficult to get out and walk my 'first born' on the arrival of our baby girl, Pippa, and your assistance in walking him since then has kept him happy and healthy and taken a great load off my mind knowing he is as well looked after as he is by you.
Luca is always so happy to see you and now waits at the back gate in anticipation of your arrival.
Congratulations on the success of your business as it is well deserved and we (and Luca) look forward to many walks in the future!"

- Sue-Ellen & David, New Farm

"Janine has been walking Harry for almost one year.  During that time Harry has grown to adore Janine, Gary and Olli and he can't wait for his afternoon walks. Janine is obviously a huge dog lover and has fantastic dog handling skills.
Janine treats Harry like a part of her family. I trust her completely and I am 100% satisfied that Harry is in the best of hands with her."

- Lindsay, New Farm

"I have 110% confidence that he is totally loved all the time, and that when I can't be there that he will be exercised and entertained."

- Heath, New Farm

"Thanks to Janine and her wonderful ability to care for our dogs we are able to reside in our current address."

- Ally, Teneriffe